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package latin2.proving
import info.kwarc.mmt.api._
import objects._
import checking._
import info.kwarc.mmt.lf._
import lf.PropositionsITP
import lf.PLITP
import lf.SFOLITP
case class ProofGoal(context: Context, goal: Term)
abstract class ProofStepRule(op: GlobalName) extends SingleTermBasedCheckingRule {
def apply(goal: ProofGoal, step: Term): List[ProofGoal]
object CheckProof extends InferenceAndTypingRule(PropositionsITP.proof.path, OfType.path) {
def apply(solver: Solver)(tm: Term, tp: Option[Term], covered: Boolean)(implicit stack: Stack, history: History): (Option[Term], Option[Boolean]) = {
val PropositionsITP.proof(steps) = tm
var goal = ProofGoal(stack.context,tp.get) // TODO: for now we assume we always have the expected type
val rules = solver.rules.getOrdered(classOf[ProofStepRule])
val prover = new ITProver(rules,goal)
steps.foreach {step => prover.makeStep(step)}
if (prover.isSolved) (tp,Some(true)) else (tp,None)
class ITProver(rules: List[ProofStepRule], initGoal: ProofGoal) {
private var goals: List[ProofGoal] = List(initGoal)
def makeStep(step: Term) {
val currentGoal = goals.head
goals = goals.tail
val stepRule = rules.find(_.applicable(step)).getOrElse(return)
val newGoals = stepRule(currentGoal, step)
goals = newGoals ::: goals
def isSolved = goals.isEmpty
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