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\frametitle{File Types}
A \defii{text}{file} is a computer file that is structured as a sequence of
\trefis[unicode-ucs]{character}. Computer files that are not \trefiis{text}{file}
are called \defiis{binary}{file}.
\Trefiis{text}{file} are usually encoded with $\ASCIIcode$,
\trefi[ASCII-problems]{ISO-Latin}, or -- increasingly -- $\unicode$ encodings like
\Trefii{plain}{text} is different from \trefii[markup]{formatted}{text}, which includes
\trefiis[markup]{markup}{code}, and \trefiis{binary}{file} in which some portions must
be interpreted as binary objects (encoded integers, real numbers, images, etc.)
%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-master: t
%%% End:
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