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You should not underestimate the amount of time you will spend typing during your
studies. Even if you consider yourself fluent in two-finger typing, touch-typing will
give you a factor two in speed. This ability will save you at least half an hour per
day, once you master it. Which can make a crucial difference in your success.
Touch-typing is very easy to learn, if you practice about an hour a day for a week,
you will re-gain your two-finger speed and from then on start saving time. There are
various free typing tutors on the network. At
{\url{}} you can find about programs, most
for windows, some for linux. I would probably try $\Ktouch$ or $\TuxType$
Darko Pesikan (one of the previous TAs) recommends the $\TypingMaster$ program. You
can download a demo version from
You can find more information by googling something like "learn to touch-type". (goto
{\url{}} and type these search terms).
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