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# Notebooks of the LBS Lecture 2019/2020
Jupyter comes in two versions: Jupyter notebooks and Jupyter lab.
Jupyter lab is the newer version (and also, confusingly, supports notebooks).
Jupyter comes in two versions: **Jupyter notebook** and **Jupyter lab**.
Jupyter lab is the newer version (and, confusingly, it also supports notebooks).
By default, Jupyter only supports Python.
However, more kernels can be installed to support other languages.
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ The GF kernel works better with Jupyter notebook than with Jupyter lab
You can find the GF kernel (with installation instructions) at []( Note that the GF kernel requires GF to be installed (see [](
If you prefer to use an editor and the command line (or prefer to use Windows which currently isn't supported), you can just install GF directly [](
There shouldn't be any need for you to install Jupyter notebook and the GF kernel at the moment.
This should work just as well.
## Notebooks
......@@ -27,5 +27,5 @@ A basic introduction to the Grammatical Framework (GF).
It covers translation of very simple sentences without any interesting grammatical rules.
#### `Fragment0.1.ipynb`
A first introduction into GF's concrete types and operations.
We also show how a grammar can be split into several files.
A first introduction to GF's record types and table types.
We also show how a grammar can be split into several files and how operations may make your life easier.
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