Commit 7f167a3e authored by Michael Kohlhase's avatar Michael Kohlhase


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This directory contains files that configure the behavior of sTeX on the Glossary
modules in this repository. If any of the files are not found in here, then the
corresponding one from
is used instead. So files here are used to overwrite the default behavior in the
SMGloM group.
WApersons.tex: personal metadata about the authors of this repository
pre.tex: The preamble for the module signatures, it usually includes preamble.tex
pre.<lang>.tex: The preamble for the language bindings of language <lang>
it usually includes preamble.tex
preamble.tex: The main part of the preambles for SMGloM modules.
It contains various \usepackage and declarations.
post.tex: The postamble for the modules
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